Why filter refills are an important asset for your diffuser.

     Imagine this scenario, you have been using your diffuser for awhile now and you purchase a new essential oil that you want to use in your diffuser. Well, you fill up your trusty diffuser with water; add a few drops of your new oil, sit back and get ready to inhale a new calming scent, but wait a minute this smells like my last oil. I bet you were wondering what happened. What happened is that you still have the old filter in the diffuser that you were using for your previous essential oil. Remember that after every use your diffuser must be thoroughly cleaned before it is used again. Otherwise, you can risk damaging it. Like everything else in your home and office diffusers need maintenance too. It is not much maintenance but a little goes a long way. 

     Filters or sponge filters play a key role in your diffuser. The stick absorbs the water in the reservoir thats mixed with the oil and sprays out the very cool vapor that you see and smell. If you switch essential oils then it will be difficult to smell your new oil. You may not be able to smell it at all. That's because the filter is still soaked with the last essential oil that was used. Even though the water has been changed the oil water combo is still soaked into that filter that's why it's important to always change your filter when using a new essential oil. 

     Another good reason to change your filter is to prevent the sponge from absorbing too much oil and clogging the diffuser mechanism that makes the diffuser the awesome item that it is in the first place. Often times people forget to change the filter or clean their diffuser and the vapor will seem to spray very thin and weak and it wont spray at all. Hopefully if it gets to this point a good cleaning will get it back up to tip top shape again. But if a cleaning doesn't work then RIP to your diffuser because it's damaged.   

     I recommend changing your filter after 3 to 4 uses. Filters are very cheap and they can be purchased on www.urbandiffusers.com under the refills section on the site. I also suggest adding a tablespoon of vinegar with water and letting your diffuser run for about 30 minutes without any oils and a fresh filter to get it ready for another essential oil. That's all for now I hope you enjoyed the information about your new product and to stay up on the latest information sign up for our newsletter just enter your email at the bottom of the page and that's it. You will be caught up on all things urban diffuser. Have a good day and happy diffusing.